Animated Exeter 2014 Showcase

Available now to show at a screen near you! The very best animation screened at the festival, including our winners is now on DVD or hard drive and available for hire at a very reasonable rate. Animated Exeter 2014 Showcase No. 1 is suitable for over 12s and Showcase No. 2 is suitable for Under 12s. Both programmes are approx 75 mins in length and contain a kaleidoscope of animation styles from around the world, all made since 2012. further information.

Wonderland at The Bike Shed Theatre

Robin Doyle's Alice in Wonderland work in progress at the Bike Shed Theatre

Local artist, Robin Doyle is currently painting a unique mural on an exterior wall at theBike Shed Theatre, depicting Alice in Wonderland,in neon paint. This work has been commissioned by Animated Exeter as a permanent legacy of the LIGHTSTREAM event.

Robin says ‘We want to convey a certain 'down the rabbit hole' feel of descending from the humdrum into a another world where theatre can transport you to a very different wonderland.’ Using special invisible UV paint that will only become visible under UV light, which allows the image to change with varying lighting conditions.

Go and see for yourself this other world as you head into the rabbit warren.

It's all over now

Going home photo © S Shaw

Well - another festival is over - the 15th edition! A whole year in the planning and it seems to go in the blink of an eye.

This year was defined by the winter storms - causing cancellations all round, as well as a skiing accident for one Michael Fukushima! But we creatively skirted the problems and had a lovely visit from Iain Gardner (McLaren 2014) and a lucky group had a stunningy good storyboarding masterclass from Chris Drew (Brilliant talk! Informative, funny, easy to understand, got audience involved and brought chocolate").

Jamie Badminton, fresh in from his success at Kidscreen in New York, with Sarah and Duck gave a lovely talk on his journey since graduation from Bournemouth to Karrot Animation.

In our first international year, we were thrilled to receive around 400 entries for our film competitions, taking online submissions through Festhome. Wide World and The Indies provided a wealth of entertaining and unique short films while The Graduate and The Young Ones displayed the incredible talent we are nurturing in this country.

Our partners enriched our programme with Soap Soup at the Bike Shed Theatre and exhibitions gloss Art Exeter, the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, films at Campus Cinema and the Plough in Great Torrington.

We said farewell to a great team of volunteers on Friday night - thanks to all for sterling work supporting the workshops, stewarding talks and keeping the creative table and front of house sparking.

Thanks again to all, sponsors, partners, funders, and of course the festival team.

Michael Fukushima's address to Animated Exeter

Michael Fukushima NFB

For our celebrations of the National Film Board of Canada, we screened some excellent films curated by Michael Fukushima, Executive Producer of Animation Studio, NFB. As he wasn't able to come, he sent this address - which I think deserves to be seen by everyone. Sadly the films had to go back, and very few people were able to view them because of the awful weather:

Michael Fukushima’s address to the festival

Hello Animated Exeter!

I’m so very sorry to not be enjoying your festival, your city, and your hospitality. But one instant of inattentiveness can lead to a winter of discontent - or broken bone misery, at the least. I am, on the other hand, delighted that Iain Gardner, in his newest capacity as expert in all things Norman McLaren, has ably stepped up to introduce and provide insight and context into the films you’re about to see. Most of all, I’d like to thank the Animated Exeter festival, Susannah Shaw, and Helen Brunsdon for even thinking of inviting me. I was, and am, honoured.

The National Film Board of Canada turns 75 this year. It’s quite an achievement for any cultural organization, and we’re proud of our long, distinguished, and artistically pioneering legacy. I hope you’re able to see, within the films programmed today, seeds planted decades ago that continued to flower and bear fruit with visionary filmmakers through the second half of the last century, and that inspire young filmmakers today. Whether or not they’re fully aware of those seminal roots.

The list of films is far from comprehensive nor representative. They’re my list, built over my 24 years as an NFB filmmaker, producer, and now executive producer (of the Animation Studio). I’ve watched each of these films innumerable times with an array of audiences, and I watch them still. They represent techniques that were ground-breaking in their time, and creators who defined or are defining their métier. Oh, and one special film snuck in there because we’re in the UK today. Well you are. And I would be if I could.

So, please sit back and enjoy these gems from the past 75 years of NFB animation creativity. I hope they make you laugh, make you cry, or make you want to go to a festival workshop and learn to make your own short animation film!

Long live animation! And thank you again, Iain, Susannah, Animated Exeter, and you, you, and you in the audience!

David McKee draws a winner

David McKee drawing AE2014 survey winner at Gloss Art

If you were lucky enough to see the legendary creator of Mr Benn and Elmo, the illustrator David McKee at Gloss Art, Exeter you would have seen him draw not only marvellous pictures for his audience to take away as keep sakes but he drew a very special name out of Mr Benn's bowler hat. The prize winner for Animated Exeter's audience questionnaire/online survey.

The lucky winner receives £30 worth of John Lewis gift vouchers.

Congratulations to Emma Mackay, promise it is no relation to David, but apparently they share the same clan.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey.

Thanks also to Gloss Art Exeter for hosting the event and their support with this year's festival and Mr Benn Exhibition which runs until Sunday 9th March.

ContactGloss01392 278 522

Your workshops on Vimeo

Falimation workshop photo  S Shaw

Most of the animation workshop films are on our Vimeo site now, have a look and see if you can spot yours! If you haven't already - please let us know what you thought of the festival on our feedback survey.


Tees at No Guts No Glory

Animated Exeter 2014 T shirts were designed and printed by our wonderful friends at No Guts No Glory. You can still buy them, email us and we can send you one.

T shirts are £12 a collector's item and a tribute to the artist Hannah Goodacre, the designers and print makers No Guts Not Glory and the LIGHTSTREAM projections in Fore Street, which inspired this year's design.

Thanks to all the volunteers

One or two volunteers?

We wanted to shout out a big thanks to all the volunteers this year who helped out with the events, workshops, activities, film screenings and of course LIGHTSTREAM. We couldn't have got through the festival without you, we are grateful for all your hardwork and commitment and dedication to Animated Exeter. We hope you too enjoyed your time with us and please keep in touch, we'd love to have you back next year!

Buy "The Exeter Riddles"

The Exeter Riddles by Philip Reeve. photo Helen Lisk Photography

The Exeter Riddles is a unique and exclusive short story by Philip Reeve, commissioned for Animated Exeter. It has been printed beautifully by the Exeter based Short Run Press in a high quality hard back green fabric cover with gold foil print.The story centres on the ‘history leaks’ in sites and streets of Exeter that spark great adventures.

The book serves not only as an exciting story for 8-12 year olds, but a wonderful gift and keepsake for anyone interested in Exeter’s History.

To order a copy for £7.99 + £1.10 UK 01392 270253 or email

or for our excellent Audio CD on sale for £6.50, email

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