Animated Exeter’s guide to the best BBQs this summer

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Enjoy this summer with one of the best BBQs out there. We’re going to go through all of the barbecues and the advantages and disadvantage of using gas, charcoal, and electric for your barbecue. We’ll explore the different case studies and examples where you can really make use of quality BBQ and how to get the most out of this summer and the long evenings ahead.

Would you go with a charcoal barbecue this summer?

From my perspective the only way to barbecue this summer is with charcoal. You simply don’t get the same flavour if you are not using lovely charcoal. And by the way, don’t get caught using the briquettes. They aren’t all that great the very best charcoal available with lumpwood. Lumpwood charcoal is basically high quality timber that’s been turned into charcoal and heated. Briquettes on the other hand have far more chemicals. They also need to be burning hot white so that you’ve definitely got rid of all those chemicals. It’s far safer just to use high quality lumpwood charcoal. So when you using a charcoal barbecue make sure that you’ve got plenty of kindling wood so that you can get the fire going naturally. You just simply need some paper to start the fire itself and drop the kindling on then once that’s taken hold add the lumpwood charcoal.

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal Grill

The downside to charcoal barbecues is the time it takes to get things going. From start to finish you might need to delete 2 hours to cook your food. That’s quite some time and if you have to factor that you’ve got work that day for example, then you’re going to be really be in trouble when beating really late. If you’ve got kids it’s not ideal either.

Gas barbecues a really ideal for a family without much time.

The great thing about a gas barbecues is that it is basically an extension of the home kitchen. you can cook really quickly with a gas barbecue because you just simply turning the hob on in the same way they would use your gas cooker. The biggest problem for me with a gas barbecue is the fact you don’t get that same smoky flavoured meat. That you would otherwise get from using lumpwood charcoal. For me that’s the biggest downside to a gas BBQ of course if you’ve got a family and you’re in a real rush then this is absolutely the best way to go.

Gas barbecues also come with the added benefit of not having to worry about storing too much in the way of fuel. You just keep your tank of gas underneath hidden inside the barbecue itself and you’ll know pretty much when you’re going to run low. It takes just a couple of minutes to change a gas bottle went of course a gas bottle last for a long time so there’s very little maintenance or preparation required for a gas BBQ. They also normally come with the really handy pull down hood so that you can keep away any wildlife that would otherwise be attracted by the remnants on the barbecue itself.

Gas barbecue

Gas barbecue

Is electrical great alternative for the barbecue?

Personally I’m not much of a fan of an electric barbecue because it’s basically an electric griddle. That doesn’t mean that it’s not ideal for outdoors though, if you’ve not got much in the way of time then and electric griddle is really straightforward because you simply heat it and when you finish take it indoors and wash it up. It’s almost like cooking inside but with the added benefit of being outside if it’s a really nice hot summer’s day or evening.

In conclusion to the best way to BBQ this summer.

To conclude the best way to barbecue this summer just simply go with the lumpwood charcoal BBQ. Not only is a gas BBQ more expensive, it’s also doesn’t provide you with that same smoky flavour. But with that said if you’re limited on time then gas might be better for you. Personally however, I would definitely go with a lump wood charcoal BBQ because you get all of the benefits of the real outdoor experience as well as that smoky flavour me which is unrivalled after its been cooked.

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