How to Get Cheap or Free Seeds for Your Garden

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How to Get Cheap or Free Seeds for Your Garden: Grow Your Own Flowers and Vegetables and Save Money

The most common way of getting seeds is to buy them. Millions of packets of seeds are purchased in the U.S. alone every year. Scores of seed companies, from tiny one man operations to huge corporate conglomerates, spend millions of dollars each year developing new varieties for our gardening pleasure. With the advent of internet marketing, you can literally order seeds from all over the world.

Some of the cheaper sources of seeds are dollar and discount stores, which carry many common flower and vegetable seeds at very low prices, usually several packages for £1.

Auction sites are the best place to buy cheap specialty seeds. The price depends on the rarity of the seed, but offers a huge savings over buying the plants. For instance, if you pay £6 for 5 seeds of a plant that costs £20, you have saved £94.
Even if you pay retail price for seeds, it’s much cheaper than buying the plants or the vegetables. A package of vegetable seeds for £1.99 will pay for itself many times over.

Exchange Seeds With Other Gardeners

Gardeners have been trading seeds with each other for hundreds of years. There are many seed exchanges online, easily found just by searching. If you can arrange a swap, for the cost of postage you can get any kind of seed you want, from African violets to orchids. To make the deal even sweeter, some people with extras will offer up seeds for a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope (SASE) with no trade required.

Get Free Seeds from Other Gardeners

Gardeners love to share seeds with each other. Don’t be afraid to knock on doors and ask for the seeds from a plant. You may make some lovely gardening friends this way.

Utilise local sites like Craigslist or Free cycle to ask for seeds. Many people have seeds, and would never think of giving them away unless someone asks.

Scavenge Free Seeds

Wildflowers are easy to grow, need little fertiliser or water, and you can gather wildflower seeds right off the side of the roadways in undeveloped areas or from fields.

Don’t forget old homesteads or houses that are being torn down, either. Those yards can be a bounty of beautiful flower seeds for free. Of course, get permission anytime you are entering private property.

Free Seeds from Store Bought Fruits and Vegetables

Many a wonderful crop of vegetables has been grown from free seeds saved from grocery bought produce. You can justify the cost of some exotic foods by growing the seeds and not ever having to pay for them again. If you live in a climate where tropicals such as mango and avocado will not bear, keep in mind that they make lovely houseplants…for free!

Attend a “Seedy Saturday” Event

Seedy Saturdays and Seedy Sundays are events where gardeners swap heirloom seeds, or seeds for plant varieties that have been grown by their families for generations. The idea is to preserve these “pass down” varieties for generations to come by multiplying the number of grower/savers exponentially.

If you would like to organise a Seedy Saturday or Sunday event, Seedy Organiser is a mailing list to provide resources and support for seed swap organisers all over the world.

You can see that there is a plethora of sources for cheap or free seeds. For mere pennies on the dollar, you can grow a wonderful vegetable or flower garden of your own. Don’t forget to save your seeds to share with others.

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