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Animated Exeter

January 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! one week in and it already seems like old news...

Tickets are selling well already, particularly for our lovely workshops, so please hurry and get signed up. If you are interested in learning more about 2D animation, I particularly recommend the series of Toon Boom workshops we are running this year.

We are collating the list of artists appearing at the festival and will have a new page featuring their biographies, to give you a better sense of connection with the festival this year, it will fill one of the slots in the Programmes section - so watch that space...


There are still a few places left for the Animation Exploration. This is an amazing day out, mainly aimed at Primary schools, but can be suitable for secondary schools, special schools, and even if you're not at school at all. If you can't make the full day, there are two choices of screenings for schools: The Into The Light programme, and a special screening of The Young Ones, the under 18's animation competition, accompanied by a free screening of the delightful Aardman /Tate movie: Itch of the Golden Nit. Book Now!


The Brothers McLeod, The Isle of Spagg has moved to a new venue and a different day. We hope you'll all come to ASK Italian on Saturday afternoon at 3.30pm and, perhaps after tucking into a fine meal, settle down to watch the mysterious and possibly thrilling The Isle of Spagg, in the company of it's makers, Greg and Myles McLeod. Book through our usual number 01392 667080.


BAFTA presents: after a nail-biting few days, we are delighted to say Animated Exeter is being graced by the very nice Phil Davies, hard-working producer of Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, on Friday 17 Feb at 2pm at Exeter Phoenix. This will be a fascinating talk, not only for students but any children who are interested in the creation of this great children's TV series, should drag their parents along too.


The Animated Exeter office is starting to get a bit populated with visits from our kind and clever PR guru, Natacha Du Pont De Bie, and new marketing assistant Sam Cook. We're shortly going to be taking on volunteers for the festival, so if you are interested in helping with our workshops, assisting us in the office, distributing programmes and chatting to visitors enthusiastically about Animated Exeter then please have a look at the volunteers page on our website or call Sara or Susannah on 01392 270253.

Last of all... very exciting news. Brilliant Adam Stone at Rokk Media is creating Animated Exeter's very own mobile app. This will be ready soon, and we'll let you all know!

That's all for now.

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