DEAD dir. Joe Bichard RCA

The Graduate

This competition is open to all 2014 graduates from animation courses in the UK. The...

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Grand Prix dir. Marc Riba

Wide World - Children / Wide World - Adults

This competition is open to all International animators. We are looking for unique and unusual...

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The Thingamajig 3000

The Young Ones

We are looking for the best animation made by young people around the world. This competition is open to children...

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 Masterclass 2008 photo M. Alsford © Animated Exeter

Best of South West

For all you South West-based animators, we want YOU. Whether from a community group or working on your own,...

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365 dir. The Brothers McLeod UK 2014

2014 Winners!

The Animated Exeter Awards were generously supported by Toon Boom

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Origami dir. David Pavon

Wide World - Official Selection 2014

A fabulous selection of unique and unusual animated films made for young people. This international competition is...

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An Animated Guide to land Grabs dir. Tim Wheatley

The Graduate: Official Selection 2014

The best of the UK's 2013 animation graduates. Eligible for theIndustry Award for New Talent,...

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Sun dir. Paul Hill, GB, 2013

The Indies - Official Selection 2014

A stunning selection of independent talent from around the world Eligible for theJury Award for Independent...

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My Bricknell  Bricknell Primary School, dir. David Bunting

The Young Ones - Official Selection 2014

The best animation from the amazing talented youth of Britain Eligible for the Emerging Talent Award for...

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